christeladnana: This is what happens to bad TV husbands.

hii! in the under the dome gif set you reblogged and tagged with "mehrich". who is that actor? i cant find him and i loveee his look. he fits what i want for a fc. thank you so much!



His name is Max Ehrich, he’s from a soap called Young and the Restless and he’s also on Under the Dome and more people need to use him because his is perfect and he finally has gifs!


I am honestly SO HAPPY mariah threw that water on abby! she fucking deserved it! abby is being such a spoiled little self entitled brat!!

"I’m not going to let my dad ruin this night."

"Me either."

Really? This is your father, Nick. And your father-in-law/ex-husband, Sharon. Victor Newman doesn’t ruin nights….he ruins lives.


An on stage selfie with one of the most desirable man on daytime TV from the #1 rated daytime drama series The Young and the Restless.., Mr. Eric Braeden! Aka #VictorNewman