Sharon and Mariah showing how you can have an explosive argument without any slapping or hair pulling.

Not saying I wouldn’t have welcomed that because they were both taking shots at each other something serious. The hilarious part is they’re acting even more mother and daughterly than ever before.

One thing that caught me a little off guard was Sharon insinuating Nick wouldn’t cheat on her with the likes of Mariah. Clearly the fact because she looks like Cassie but let’s be clear here….she’s not really his daughter and Nick has cheated several times before. With her former best friend at that IN WHICH he still had her number to call her! I don’t see Sharon and Nick lasting forever. They have that sort of Nikki/Victor vibe. They’ll break up and get back together several times; but will never fully be happy.

Justin Hartley a.k.a. THE NEW ADAM NEWMAN

Resume includes roles on Smallville, Revenge, & Mistresses.

Having watched neither shows; I have zero opinion of him.Yet as always, I am willing to give him a chance. I shall pray for him considering the role of Adam is almost interchangeable with the grief fans feel that Miller isn’t Billy anymore.

Your thoughts??


Classic SOD Cover Date: March 16, 2010

Sharon Case (Sharon, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS)
(top inset) Frances Reid (Alice, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)
(left top inset) Peter Bergman (Jack, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS)
(left bottom inset) Tracey E. Bregman & Doug Davidson (Lauren & Paul, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS)
(bottom inset) Daniel Goddard (Cane, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS)


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Hit another milestone and I’m so thankful. I wanted to make something that made me smile just as much as my followers do.

Had to get a refresher about Grace….


Seems Grace Turner is back in town due to Nick’s curiosity of Mariah’s true identity. Considering Mariah’s mother’s words of “I didn’t even want her, it was Ian’s idea.” has a lot of people confirming the rumour that Mariah is indeed Cassie’s twin.

They suggest Grace didn’t tell Sharon she had twins to get back at her for being with Nick. The problem I’m having is….how in the world do you not know you gave birth to two babies?? Was she hypnotized? Did people say she was crazy and convinced her there was only one baby? There’s so much explaining to be done about this and I’m actually interested. Anything that’ll keep my mind off the fact that Sharon still isn’t in jail.


Classic SOD Cover Date: November 12, 2002

Doug Davidson & Lauralee Bell (Paul & Christine, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS)
(inset) Lisa Rinna (Billie, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)

"Please don’t compare the two of us."

I’m sorry Victoria, are you not standing there pregnant without even knowing who the baby daddy is?

Have several seats….IMMEDIATELY.