Elizabeth Hendrickson // Greg Rikaart // Melissa Claire Egan

Y&R x CSI crossovers

The Young and the Restless Star: Headed to Bones


Just in case anyone was wondering what happened to alex chavez. i know i was! 

Sad to see him go because I prefer him over the current policeman that’s there. Who knows; he could still come back.


Ohmmmmmg all of today I was thinking, I wonder what will pop up when I type in The Young and the Restless into tumblr. Is there a Y&R fandom?? Do they make GIF sets of the show?

It exists. It’s a thing.


my mom makes me watch soap operas with her like the young & the restless, the bold & the beautiful and general hospital LMAO


Classic SOD Cover Date: September 10, 2002

Melody Thomas Scott & Eric Braeden (Nikki & Victor, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS)


The young and the restless intro is playing and I’m laughing, is this even a real show?

Mishael Morgan & Bryton James // Hilary & Devon

@DanielGoddardIt began as a simple conversation about who had the longest tongue… And quickly turned into a freakshow!

I’m trying to figure out how Victoria thinks neither Billy nor Stitch can’t ask for a paternity test. Maybe she might use the fact of them both doing jail time and being dangerous? I don’t think that’ll work considering she was once arrested at her wedding and lost custody of one child already….

I’m just going to go on the record and say that Neil has said the word “wife” way more than anyone else has in such a short period of a relationship.

When I hear someone say they love Victor on Y&R


I’m just like,




Anneler kanal değiştirmez ,çocuklar mecburi izlerdi;

Yalan Rüzgarı .

Omg throwback victor and Nikki wow